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In-between, 2018

To be dis-placed is to live with an instability caused by a physical and emotional separation between two places.

In-between explores the notion of displacement between the country I come from and the country I live in.  I have always seen my relocation as temporary, which had the effect of reducing my perception of distance, and the emotional response to that. It is only recently, confronted with a different reality, that I have been experiencing the strange and ambivalent feeling of displacement.

Bringing the two countries side by side within the gallery space highlights the border between those spaces: a boundary which is both physical and psychological. The photographs of the landscapes blur the lines between evasion and enslavement, attachment and separation, happiness and sadness.

Muruwai, New Zealand

Fort du Loch, France

Muruwai beach, New Zealand

Plage du Loch, France

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