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Visages Multiples, 2015

Visages Multiples is a multimedia work that includes photographic prints and a sound recording. It explores my experience of grief.


My father left our world in 2015 and this project was a way for me to stay spiritually connected to him. Visages Multiples is the title of a book containing all of the poems my father wrote when he was a young man. His writing is emotional, elaborate, complex and charged with different feelings about life and death. His book became the centrepiece of the project:  a poetic, metaphorical and psychological work which explores an internal dialogue between my father’s poetry, my emotional experience of grief and my re-connection to small, beautiful moments in life. This loss has made me think about life, my own existence and the afterlife. The imagery is not connected to any deities’ beliefs but to the mystery of the phenomena of life: between complexity and simplicity, darkness and enjoyment, fear and serenity. The notion of time has dissolved, joining the past, the present and a feel of the future together. Life has been brought back by seeing through the lens.

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