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La mélodie du père, 2017

La mélodie du père is a self-portrait 7 minutes video projected onto silk.

It shows an intimate process of a performance letting a part of the private self to be expressed, where music and dance share parallel expression of feelings. The body moves with music allowing emotion to take place. Dance uses the body as a form of language.

My father lost a short battle against a terminal cancer in June 2015. His loss has taught me that we don’t heal from it. We learn to live with it. Death is a universal event with the singularity to be exceptional and common at the same time. Yet it is utterly personal and private.

Erik Satie, Marc Ogeret and Georges Brassens belong to a great compilation of music that my father loved to listen to. They are the songs from the past, bringing back memory and stirring powerful emotion. This music moves me both literally and figuratively.

Silk is a noble fabric. It contributed historically to the development of human culture and became a precious medium for artwork. Examples of silk preserved in early Chinese burials suggest a human connection with the natural and supernatural world. The delicateness and lightness of silk personally symbolise the fineness and vulnerability of life.

CelineSaye_La melancolie du pere_Install

Installation view, Studio 541, 2017

Section of the video

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